Monday, 23 April 2012

FEM21-Women’s Voices and Ways of Perceiving Them in Europe via Culture, Traditions, Diversity and Friendship

FEM21 PROJECT About the project FEM21 The project FEM21-Women’s Voices and Ways of Perceiving Them in Europe via Culture, Traditions, Diversity and Friendship is a EU Grudtvig project organized by ARIADNA-Romanian Women Journalist Association, Connexion Roumanie and Romanca Society during 2011-2013. The project aim is to value the women’s contributions to the constructive intercultural approach to unity in diversity in Europe. The project FEM21 also aims at reinforcing the Europe women’s sense of citizenship by involving them in life-long learning activities. They are meant to find world cultural values as a common source for what is considered national wisdom. So, culture, traditions and friendship represent ways of perceiving the women’s voices in Europe in the FEM21 Project.. Through this partnership that will take place in Romania, France and UK, we want to encourage the participation of a large number of women and men in this action, to highlight gender equality and equal opportunities in culture, in social and political life for all. How to get involved We would like to invite you to contribute to the image-building of women in an artistic and citizenship dialogue in the European countries, with multicultural profiles and inspiration. We welcome you to the development of partnership by taking an interactive part in roundtables, recitals of poetry, music events, theatre and art exhibitions during the project. We are looking to work closely with any person or organisation that would like to get involved in some way in our project. Please sent your proposal to The best way to be involved is to answer to a small interview questionnaire that will be posted online in FEM21 blog The interview will let the world know your message and become an inspiration for other people. We like to get the debate to be rich in points of view and expose the dynamic of perception of women in culture, traditions, diversity and friendship. We welcome you to answer to our questionnaire and please send your answers (including photos, movies or online links to your work ) and your agreement to be published online on our blogs by email to Ionela Flood at Questionnaire FEM21 1. What is your life story? 2. What is most important for you culturally? 3. What is the best tradition you keep in your heart all the time? 4. What issue of equality is on your agenda recently? 5. How did you meet your best friend? 6. Who and why inspired you recently? 7. What is your next project? 8. What message you send to the women/ men in 21 century? 9. What question did I omits asking you? 10. Can you answer it please? Thank you for taking time to read and get involved in the project. The project aims at developing appropriate strategies and activities which enables each partner organisation to share its historical, cultural and traditional knowledge. By its specific language, culture and tradition, each country contributes to the unity of Europe. While working at this project the participants of both sexes collect folklore and ethnographic information from their area and share knowledge with all participants in the project. More details: Links for the project you will find soon on : The project is kindly supported by: GRUNDTVIG NATIONAL AGENCY, INFO MANAGER ASSOCIATION, STAR PRESS, UNIFERO, NATIONAL VILLAGE MUSEUM BUCHAREST-“DIMITRIE GUSTI”, NATIONAL LYBRARY BUCHAREST, RADIO TV UNIREA, RAMA EXPERT AGENCY -"DRACULA TOUR", CENTRUL CULTURAL INTERNATIONAL INTERART, THE CULTURAL LIGUE FOR ROMANIANS ABROAD , ASTURIAN FOUNDATION, ELGIN CLOSE RESOURCE CENTRE, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SATIRE AND HUMOR VAMA-BUCOVINA, CAVSA-HAMMERSMITH, HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM VOLUNTEER CENTRE,STUDIO 117 WIMBLEDON ART STUDIO, TRANSYLVANIAN EDITIONS AND SERVICES EXPRESS.